• Revelling in the opportunity to build a team that utilises complementary skills, meeting the needs of both the individual and the organisation as a whole.
  • Motivating and supporting a team towards achieving a shared goal helps retain talent, whether it be an organisation, industry, community or region.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Secondments to different departments

To prevent ‘silos’ of talent within large organisations, ‘passports’ could be given to employees and stamped each time they spend time working in or with another department. The aim is to encourage communication between departments and to foster employees who have a well-rounded understanding of an organisation and feel invested in the company. This idea came from the Kiwibank Lunch and Learn Session, held in May 2014.

Kiwibank, Lunch and Learn sessions,Wellington

Organised for the leadership team, these sessions connect key people within the organisation and expose employees to new ideas and skills. Run on the second Wednesday of every month, each session has a different guest speaker to ensure that a variety of topics and points of view are discussed.