• Implement practices that care for the individual’s health and wellbeing.
  • Develop ways to ensure employees’ partners and wider families are ensconced into the community. That might include finding work for a partner or schools for children. Putting in place initiatives that meet the needs of the whole person is bound to help retain talent.
  • It’s not just about the experience of the individual that is coming in; it is also about the receiving community.


2014 New Zealand Examples


Vodafone identifies flexibility and diversity as key to their company’s overall culture. By providing open plan flexible work spaces, a ‘smart casual’ dress code and the ability to work remotely the company shows that they value employees’ individuality. Further they recognise that giving employees flexibility in their work environment increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Trade Me

Trade Me is a fun place to work, but it’s also a place where people work hard. They have four slides across their two buildings in Wellington – they say they’re fun but also a great way to connect three floors of people together. There is also a caravan and pool tables – all used regularly for stand-up meetings and decisions on curly issues. Around their offices you’ll also find espresso coffee makers, free fresh fruit, a lawnmower, video game cabinets, foosball tables, push-scooters, heaps of bench space and couch break-out areas, and bean bags for comfy collaboration.

Employment Relations (Flexible Working Arrangements) Amendment Act 2007

The aim of this Act was to enable employees with young families to request flexible working hours. It was a move that reflected the changing working environment, and the potential for new technologies to make flexible working arrangements more achievable.

Flexible work options

To provide a flexible working environment that facilitates a good work/life balance, companies like ANZ and Vodafone provide flexible leave options, health insurance, extended parental leave, access to counselling and even (in the case of Vodafone) a day off on the employee’s birthday. 


2014 International Examples

Berylhealth, Texas

To encourage caring within the organisation, Berylhealth has built an online tool to share what is happening in the lives of employees. A manager can enter information about significant events happening in employees’ lives, which is then sent as an email with a picture of the employee to the CEO. Berylhealth also use handwritten notes to staff and clients for birthdays, condolences and special events.

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work, US

To allow children to gain a better understanding of what their parents do during the day, on the fourth Thursday in April employees can take their sons or daughters into work. Parents are able introduce their family to colleagues and give their kids the opportunity to experience their place of work. This is the foundations 23rd year of operation.



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    Check out the good work done by the National Urban Māori Authority (NUMA), using a whanau-based approach to deliver education, health and housing services. A really positive model for growing stronger and more resilient communities.

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