The TalentNZ Ecosystem is an illustration of the key components and major flows of a talent-based economy. It showcases the four integrated work-streams – grow, attract, retain and connect.

The four work-streams evolved from the 30 interviews in the 2013 TalentNZ Journal. The interviews got us thinking about where to go next from here but the full nature of the ecosystem only became apparent after discussions with speakers and attendees at the Institute’s TalentNZ 2014 National Tour of ten councils and seven communities.

The ecosystem was designed to demonstrate how the four integrated work-streams (grow, attract, retain and connect) interact. Understanding how this interaction works is the first step to identifying strategies that will enable communities to consider, design and instigate workable strategies to do in a way that allows progress to be reviewed and measured over time.

Special thanks to Hayden Glass, Tracey Lee, Billy Matheson, Malcolm Webb and Guy Whateley for their help in illustrating the ecosystem.

Below are two versions of the TalentNZ Ecosystem, one is a simple illustration and the other a more detailed version.

Ecosystem Illustration Download(PDF)


Ecosystem Illustration Full version Download(PDF)