• Create a culture where entrepreneurship and enterprise is applauded, but these need to be cultivated alongside characteristics such as adaptable, resilient, agile and curious.
  • Nurture first time fails and view failure as an opportunity to learn, a probe into the unknown.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Soda Inc., Hamilton

Soda is a hub for entrepreneurs based in the Waikato which aims to accelerate business growth across New Zealand.  Soda provides workshops, mentoring and incubation programmes for ambitious entrepreneurs, as well as hot desks and office space for enterprises.

Venture Up, Wellington

Venture Up is a full-immersion, six-week entrepreneurship accelerator programme for New Zealanders aged 16–24. The programme is free to attend, and alumni from outside Wellington have their accommodation fully covered by sponsors. It is designed to supercharge business ventures and entrepreneurial skillsets with support from other entrepreneurs, experts, investors and business builders.


2014 International Examples

Startup Weekend, Seattle

Startup Weekend is a non-profit organisation based in Seattle that operates globally, hosting weekend events where entrepreneurs can test the viability of their ideas. Attendees pitch their ideas on the Friday to convince others to join their team. On Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development and building the product, which is then presented to a panel of experts. In New Zealand, events have taken place in Auckland and Wellington with two more scheduled for September 2014 in Tauranga and Palmerston North.