• All New Zealanders deserve the best education possible; this means government funds should be spent on bringing lecturers/guest lecturers to New Zealand, rather than using funds to export a small percentage of our youth overseas. This way we expose all our youth to a wide range of global talent.
  • This approach grounds young New Zealanders in New Zealand values; sharing ideas, learning lessons and developing friends for life.
  • Develop postgraduate exchanges abroad in order to strengthen international connections.
  • Develop lecturer exchange programmes where lecturers from around the world travel throughout New Zealand, sharing their ideas and observations about the emerging issues facing their profession, the region, the industry or the world.


 Mandy Simpson Grow 4

Mandy Simpson speaks about incentivising 18-25 year olds who want a university education to complete their undergraduate degree in New Zealand during the launch of the TalentNZ Menu of Initiatives on 11 June 2014.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarship Programme

The Prime Minister’s athlete scholarship enables talented New Zealand sports people, who are capable of competing on the world stage, to pursue a tertiary education as well as developing their sporting talent at the same time.

NZX Graduate Programme

The NZX Graduate Programme is a three year scheme that provides graduates with relevant opportunities and experience after completing their tertiary qualification. Because graduate programmes are only available to those with a tertiary qualification they also act as an incentive for individuals to enter tertiary education.

Bonded Merit Scholarships

The Bonded Merit Scholarship scheme was an initiative of the New Zealand government that contributed towards the university fees of top students, provided that they remained in the country for a certain number of years following their graduation.  The scheme was discontinued in 2010, but a similar programme could help to incentivise talented students to develop careers in New Zealand.