• Ensure information about the ecosystem is easily found through the media platforms that are most commonly used by your target audience.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Grow Wellington and High Tech Capital, Wellington

The Grow Wellington and High Tech Capital websites have been designed to provide information about the city, facilities and available support in a user-friendly format. By adding comprehensive directories of local businesses and forums where people can connect with like-minded people, the websites integrate business and lifestyle factors to demonstrate that Wellington is an environment where people will be able to make things happen.


2014 International Examples

The Seed, Brussels

The Seed is a volunteer-run organisation that aims to connect emerging talent in the creativity sector. The group uses a wide variety of digital and social media platforms to engage with students and young professionals, as well as regular real-world gatherings to consolidate the connections made online.

ConnectEDU Talent Communities, United States

ConnectEDU is a US-based company that connects students with potential employers. Their ‘Talent Communities’ programme focuses on specific skills that have been identified as important by employers and industry bodies, and uses an online platform to create networks of people in possession of these skills, or who are working to attain them.