• Build on existing relationships and extend your contacts.
  • Create ways talent who are no longer living in a community or working for an organisation can remain connected through a sense of identity and shared experience.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Swapsides, Venture Taranaki

To help attract both diaspora and newcomers to the region, Venture Taranaki has created their Swapsides website. It uses a functional design to build a narrative around the lifestyle that Taranaki has to offer, using the idea of ‘swapping sides’ and ‘[re]discover’ alongside case studies and the ‘Lifestyle Toolkit’.

Kea New Zealand connects New Zealand’s diaspora, helping them share and leverage global experience, knowledge and opportunities. The website provides businesses and individuals with a platform to promote their message, seek and list jobs and make business connections internationally. Currently the website connects 225,000 talented Kiwis and ‘Friends of New Zealand’ around the world.


2014 International Examples

The Gathering, Ireland

A 2013 initiative that aimed to attract back Ireland’s vast diaspora, using the concept of a gathering to inspire individuals and groups to reach out to their overseas networks and organise events and reunions. Overall, there were 5000 events that took place throughout the year.