• Connecting entrepreneurs and the talent that they surround themselves with should not be time wasting; there must be a clear purpose.
  • Either introduce individuals that should ‘know each other’ or create events that bring people together with a shared goal. Ideally identify what entrepreneurs want and need. It may be about funds, legal advice, space, global contacts, partnerships, marketing advice and/or communication skills.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Coffee and Jam Sessions, Ministry of Awesome, Christchurch

Coffee and Jam sessions, organised by Ministry of Awesome in Christchurch, demonstrate an innovative and fun way for a community of new entrepreneurs and experienced business people to up skill, collaborate and network. Each session is free-public event, typically attended by 60 to 70 people and features a six minute pitch from a budding entrepreneur and an 8 minute presentation from an educational or inspirational speaker. The welcoming vibe creates a space to network and connect over a spot of the coffee and jam that inspired the event’s name.

The Icehouse

The Icehouse is a business growth hub. They are committed to creating a high performing New Zealand economy where ideas and businesses thrive. They work with a wide range of businesses at various stages of growth – from entrepreneurs launching new ventures through to successful owner-managers wanting to take their business to the next level. Of particular note is their flagship programme The Owner Manager Programme which provides business owners with the skills, clarity and support to grow their business.



2014 International Examples

New York tax breaks

In early 2014, the Governor of New York announced that there would be (US)$2 billion worth of tax breaks for families and businesses, to help stimulate the economy. It is hoped that it will help attract new businesses to the state, by making New York state an attractive place to do businesses.