• A council, university, iwi, core business or even a joint venture could become the catalyst for connecting talent; but the organisation must have sufficient mana, size, resources, and a strategy to ensure smaller businesses and social enterprises cluster around it.
  • The organisation must be well-resourced and sufficiently motivated to manage connections within the ecosystem.


2014 New Zealand Examples

Venture Southland

Venture Southland is a collaboration between Southland’s three councils that aims to support economic and community development initiatives in the region. The aim of the collaboration is to optimise the efficiency of local services through regional co-operation.

8i, Wellington

8i, developers of holographic virtual reality technology, have decided to base their company headquarters in Wellington due to the film and tech industry that has developed there over the last decade. This decision will have flow on effects, bringing international investors and new talent to the city.


Kiwiconnect is made up of a group of entrepreneurs who are building bridges between New Zealand’s startup ecosystem and innovation hubs around the world. Using their website and global networks, they showcase New Zealand’s film, design and tech industries, and emphasize New Zealand’s potential to make a disproportional impact on the world. They attract overseas talent, entrepreneurs, and impact investors to New Zealand.



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  • June 25, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    There is some really interesting work done by a few international bodies in this area too. The SEED Initiative works with small and medium and micro enterprises in developing countries with a focus on social and environmental entrepreneurship. SEED links these entrepreneurs with funders and expertise they would not otherwise have access to – their list of award winners is inspiring:

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