Above are seven initiatives that are designed to help talent flourish. We do not expect this to be a complete list, but we hope that they provide a platform for an ongoing discussion. If you have a comment specific to one of the seven initiatives, or would like to share your thoughts, observations and ideas for new initiatives please email us at talentnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org. Together we can provide more clarity over what works and what does not. The below quotes are from kiwis interviewed in the 2013 TalentNZ Journal.

‘Innovation happens when ideas have sex, and that only happens if you put a whole bunch of different disciplines in the same place and let them bump into each other.’
– Kaila Colbin

‘Part of the secret is knowing who to talk to when you have a problem, because a problem is an opportunity.’
– Graeme Wong

‘I think we’re relatively weak at leveraging the global network of New Zealanders. They’re all out there but they are not leveraged well.’
–  Tim Bennett