• Give prospective talent clarity about the value-proposition you can provide.
  • Find out what potential talent needs both in terms of what they want (motivational factors) and in terms of what they need (hygiene factors).

Colin Lynch Attract 2

Colin Lynch speaks about identifying the talent you want during the launch of the TalentNZ Menu of Initiatives on 11 June 2014.

2014 New Zealand Examples

O&G Talent Attraction and Retention campaign, Venture Taranaki

With the recent downturn of the mining industry in Australia, Venture Taranaki have been using their O&G Talent Attraction and Retention campaign to attract mining workers to their booming oil and gas industry.

Destination Wellington

‘Destination Wellington’ is a partnership between Wellington City Council (WCC), Positively Wellington Tourism (PWT), and Grow Wellington, aiming to attract business, talent and investment to the Wellington Region.  Through collaboration, each partner is able to focus on a particular areas of the strategy: PWT on destination marketing and ‘telling the Wellington story’; Grow Wellington on targeting business opportunities and business deals; and WCC on welcoming new businesses, providing market analysis and monitoring progress.

Venture Taranaki

Venture Taranaki, the regional development agency, markets Taranaki as ‘…like no other’. As part of their Talented Taranaki Strategy it has run a number of talent attraction campaigns, in particular ‘Swap Sides’ (attracting those from overseas and outside the region) and ‘[Re]discover’ (specifically focusing on the expat or diaspora market), using the tags ‘[re]consider, [re]connect and [re]turn’ to encourage them to think about the lifestyle and economic advantages of returning to Taranaki. There are links to jobs, case studies and lifestyle information for those considering the move.