• Create a space where organisations and employees can use their resources and skills to further the greater public good. These are in effect entrepreneurs who work on the inside and are known as intrapreneurs.
  • This way relationships and infrastructure can be built on the shared wants and needs of businesses and communities to improve the overall ecosystem.


2014 New Zealand Examples


Organising festivals around key industries provides a way to promote and connect talent locally, nationally and internationally. For example, Bluff’s Oyster Festival, Queenstown’s Winter Festival and Visa Wellington on a Plate promote local industries, enhance a city brand and connect industry representatives with their customers as well as other like-minded businesses.

Tech ChallengeWellington

As part of their Digital Strategy, Wellington City Council launched a Tech Challenge initiative that promotes connections, collaboration and growth within the city’s tech industry. Each month there is a new challenge that those working in the tech sector can register for and compete in.

Business Mentors New Zealand

Business Mentors New Zealand helps small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) make better decisions about the everyday running and overall strategy of their enterprises for a one off registration fee, they provide resources and mentoring via their network of 1,930 volunteers business people.  They recently launched a new Start-up Mentoring programme for individuals who have a start-up or business concept that they would like to take to market. Mentors work through a feasibility study and ensure that the right foundations are in place for success.

People’s Panel, Auckland City Council

Open to anybody living in Auckland, the People’s Panel enables citizens to provide feedback on council matters, by registering online to receive monthly surveys on a range of topics. The feedback is anonymous and all results and findings are made public.

Volunteer Wellington

Volunteering offers a way for people to use their skills and talents to further their interests outside of work. It helps to keep people studying, out of work, or retired engaged in the community. As a structured organisation, working with community organisations who cover the spectrum of community life, Volunteer Wellington is able to administer volunteering services to ensure that people find the best places to volunteer, increasing the value of their contribution.


2014 International Examples

Rethink London

Rethink London is a year-long conversation about the future of London roads, neighbourhoods, workplaces, community facilities, parks, and transportation. It aims to engage citizens with long-term thinking and decision-making and provide insight for politicians and city planners. The website is the key feature of the initiative, providing up-to-date information on city planning and a space for individuals to share their opinions.

League of Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs (or ‘entrepreneurs on the inside’) are employees of large companies or institutions who proactively apply the resources and capabilities of the organization to develop projects that create value for communities and for the company. The League of Intrapreneurs provides a platform for intrapreneurs from around the world to connect and share knowledge, stories and ideas. A toolkit can be downloaded for free here.

City of London website, UK

The City of London website functions as a platform for community engagement and, as a first point of contact, emphasises that the council is there to support the community. It features a simple interface that divides council services under four categories (About the City, Services, Businesses and Things to Do), promoting opportunities for citizen feedback, up and coming events and support services.